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Casual Abaya

The stylish and comfortable casual abayas have become everyone's favorite in the modest fashion world. These new-age abayas are versatile, chic, and trendy. From brunch till dinner- casual abayas in their varying forms have wooed the ladies all across the world. Unlike traditional religious attire, casual abayas are flowy, relaxed, and refreshing.

The women of modest attire choices usually find themselves in love with the simplicity and elegance of casual abayas. These loose-fitting garments allow ease of movement and provide the utmost comfort all day long. With subtle hints of elegance, a casual abaya brings together an aesthetic of relaxed fits and feminine flair.

Designers across the World are presenting their collection of casual abayas in a wide range of colors and patterns. Jump to this new trend of modest fits by stocking your wardrobe with casual abayas. Get hold of these relaxed aesthetics by shopping at Hera Closet. Explore our collection of casual abayas now.

Casual Abayas: Fabrics, Colors, and Designs

Wondering what makes casual abayas distinct from their traditional counterparts? It's a unique blend of fabrics, colors, and designs that exudes a relaxing vibe in every flair. The very idea of a casual abaya is to offer a cool and comfortable aesthetic to its wearers without making it too traditional.

Casual abayas are crafted from lightweight breathable materials like cotton, chiffon, crepe, linen, and jersey. These fabrics are seamless and allow ease of movement. The flowy fabrics fall smoothly and give a refreshed aesthetic to casual abaya looks.

In terms of colors, casual abayas can be found in a wide range of colors, ranging from bright to neutrals and earth color tones. The Abaya market is flooded with gorgeous colors of abayas, be It vibrant, pastels, or neutral muted tones. The colors hold significant importance in bringing out the casual flair of abayas.

In terms of design, casual abayas are usually focused on minimal vibes. They feature flowy silhouettes, delicate embroidery, and small statement details. There is no specific design rulebook for what fits the casual abaya definition. But minimal and elegant the better- it's the only rule.

Casual Abayas: A Blend of Comfort and Fashion

Fashion as they say should make you comfortable and relaxed. Casual abayas perfectly fit the definition of fashion in a modest world. It's a beautiful curation of a designer world that crafts pieces of timeless elegance through fabric blends, designs, and colors. Casual abayas in their most simple form are a flowy silhouette with a feminine aesthetic.

Want to look fashionable, trendy, and forward in your fashion game in a casual nonchalant style? A casual abaya is your answer. It flows effortlessly in varying styles like the open front, kaftan dress, jacket styles, and much more. In all its forms, it is effortless. Something that looks elegant without making special efforts. Fashion, especially everyday fashion, should be comfortable. Something that can be put together almost instantly.

Make trendy and timeless additions to your modest wear wardrobe with casual abayas. Pick from the most extensive curated collection of casual abayas now. Shop now.

Styling Tips for Casual Abayas in Everyday Wear

Regardless of being effortless, you can never go wrong styling a piece of garment in your unique flair. A styling guide to a casual abaya is as simple as the garment itself. Let's explore:

  • Add a sleek belt to the casual abaya. It will add a definition of a cinch at the waist and offer a more refined look. Add a contrasting or similar tone belt, depending on your style.
  • Pick a trendy footwear that complements the abaya. An open-toe flat with slight embellishments pairs perfectly well with ankle-length maxis. To add definition to floor-length abayas, pair some chic mules or heels.
  • Add a contrasting or pop color scarf to your casual abaya. This will add a statement to the muted and simple abayas.
  • Experiment with sleeve styles. Pick an abaya with fun sleeves like kimono style, bell sleeves, etc. The sleeves will add a statement to the rather neutral outfit.
  • Accessorize. We cannot emphasize how important it is to add statement jewelry and bags to your outfit. Complete the outfit with a few statement pieces here and there.


  • 1. What fabrics are commonly used in casual abayas?

    • Casual abayas in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, chiffon, and crepe are extremely popular. They have a beautiful flow and feel effortless and chic.
  • 2. How can I make my abaya look less casual for important occasions?

    • To get a less casual vibe, pick abayas in statement colors and prints or something with a statement sleeve. You can style it with a belt, unique jewelry pieces, and bags to create a sophisticated and refined look.
  • 3. What is the best way to care for and maintain my abaya's quality?

    • Simply follow the instructions on label care and your abaya will stay in good condition. Store them in cloth bags in dry cool corners to retain cloth quality of fabrics.


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