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Prayer Abaya

Modest dressing has remained at the heart of Islamic fashion since the beginning. And Abaya is the flag-bearing symbol of modesty. A prayer Abaya is much more than a piece of garment. It brings simplicity in the form of fabric and design making you more in tune with the devotion.

Abaya are loose-fitting, full-length garments mostly adorned by women from Muslim culture. They are diverse and come in a variety of different forms, colors, and designs suited for distinct occasions. Prayer abayas are skillfully crafted to be suited for the occasion of praying.

Prayer abayas are usually one-piece garments covering head to toe with a beautiful hijab. They are very simplistic and crafted of rich materials and minimal embellishments. Prayer abaya usually follows a single-color theme throughout. There are no strict codes to prayer dresses except that it needs to be modest. Abaya is one way to dress modestly in your prayers.

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Black Prayer Abaya

Black is the symbol of purity, focus, and humility in Muslim culture. So naturally demand for black prayer abayas is high. The gorgeous loose-flowing abaya in black looks extremely regal and sophisticated making it perfect for prayers.

But Why Black?

Black helps minimize distractions and empowers you to reflect inwards during the prayers. Your devotion with utmost concentration allows you to have healthy prayer time, helping you connect with the Allāh. The black abaya is a symbol of devotion and reverence before Allāh.

Black prayer abayas are made from exquisite lightweight and breathable fabrics to offer comfort during prayers. They are loose and easy-flowing allowing you to move during prayers with utmost ease and modesty. Moreover, they are extended to the ankles making them perfect for prayers.

The aesthetic appeal of the black abaya lies in its minimal embellishments and embroidery. Shop for the most elegant black abayas now.

Why Prayer Abayas Are More than Just Clothing

Prayer abayas hold a significance much deeper than their physical outlook. It is a symbol of modesty garments that ensures that one’s physical form is not the focus during prayers. A prayer abaya is pure and a garment that helps you shift the focus from worldly matters to Allāh’s reverence and focus.

Prayers need to be free from distraction. The loose fitting of abayas ensures that you can move around freely while offering a prayer without keeping the guard from modesty down. When you are not focused on adjusting the clothes, you are more focused on prayers and devotion. That is what prayer abaya is all about.

Lastly, the abaya is an outward expression of one’s spiritual realm. It is not the only attire one can wear during prayers. However, it is one garment that is generally recognized as a garment for Muslim communities. By honing the prayer abaya, you get to publicly declare your commitment and faith to Islamic teachings.

Abaya is a piece of clothing that is free from any extravagance, just like how prayers are supposed to be.

Choosing the Perfect Prayer Abaya Online: Factors to Consider

Looking for a prayer abaya? The market is flooded with abaya options, all great suiting the needs of different women. However, prayer is one sacred emotion, and dressing for it in your best form is declaring your devotion to Allāh.

If you are shopping for a prayer abaya online, here are a few things to consider.

  • Consider the brand and an online platform. Choose to buy from places that have a proven record of delivering high-quality goods and services. Hera Closet offers you a wide variety of designer abaya collections, carefully curated for women who love modest dressing.
  • Consider the fabric. Be very particular about the fabrics you choose. Muslin, cotton, and silk are the most amazing choices for prayer abaya.
  • Consider the design and read the testimonials. Pictures can be deceptive, so go with a brand that can be trusted.
  • Despite being loose-fitted, sizing does play an important role in abaya fashion. Be peculiar with the size guides while placing your order.


  • 1. What is the significance of wearing a prayer abaya?

    • A prayer abaya is a symbol of devotion and faith in Allāh. This modest garment keeps you distraction-free and helps you focus your energies on prayers.
  • 2. How is a prayer abaya different from a regular abaya?

    • Prayer abayas are designed keeping the modest dressing rules of prayers in mind. They flow to the ankles and feature minimum embellishments and embroidery. They are rich, and regal, however, simplistic in their very raw form.
  • 3. Are prayer abayas available in various colors and designs?

    • Yes, prayer abayas can be availed in different colors. However, they are mostly monochromatic, mostly following the earth and neutral color palettes.


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