Summary of Highlights:

  • Sellers must clearly communicate product prices.
  • HeraCloset will deduct transaction fees as agreed upon during seller signup and onboarding.
  • HeraCloset may provide coupon codes and occasional discounts for product promotion.
  • Sellers are obligated to adhere to discount codes unless they clearly decline to offer discounts on their listed products.
  • Customers have a 7-day window from the product’s receipt date for returns/exchanges, with exceptions for custom-made items that may be returned/exchanged only in case of seller fault, factory damage, or transit damage.

1. INTRODUCTION: These terms and conditions (referred to as “Site Terms”) outline the terms under which you, the Seller, may utilize HeraCloset’s website, marketplace platform, and associated commercial and support services (collectively referred to as “Services”) to offer your merchandise (referred to as “Products”) for sale on this website (the “Site”). HeraCloset reserves the right to amend these Site Terms and the Services it offers at its sole discretion, without notice. Your use of the Site and our Services implies your agreement to and compliance with these Site Terms.


  • Affiliate: Any entity directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by, or under common control with another entity.
  • Person: Any individual, corporation, partnership, company, government authority, or other entity.
  • Seller: Refers to you, whether as an individual or a business entity, including your Affiliates, who create a Seller account on HeraCloset.

3. SELLER ACCOUNT: To use our Services, you must create a Seller account on HeraCloset as per the instructions provided on the Site. Individual Sellers must be residents of the UAE, and business Sellers must be legally authorized to conduct business in the UAE. You are prohibited from registering under false or inaccurate information. Valid KYC documentation is required for registration. Failure to provide valid, accurate, or sufficient information may result in the freezing, disabling, or deactivation of your Seller Account.

4. PASSWORDS: You must treat your user name, password, or any other security information confidentially. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your password and may not disclose it to any third party, except authorized third parties in accordance with these Site Terms. In case of a compromised password, you must immediately change it. HeraCloset reserves the right to disable user identification names or passwords if you fail to comply with these Site Terms.

5. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS & SITE TERMS: By creating a valid Seller account, you agree to be bound by and comply with these Site Terms, including all policies, protocols, guidelines, and other terms incorporated on the Site. This includes compliance with UAE-specific terms and HeraCloset’s product approval process.

6. OWNERSHIP: HeraCloset does not take ownership of the Products at any point. Title and ownership of the Products remain with the Seller until successful delivery to the customer is completed.


  • Use the Site for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner.
  • Ensure that your Products match the images and information provided on the Site.
  • Avoid placing misleading advertisements or information about your Products.
  • Comply with applicable laws, including health and safety regulations.
  • Do not sell illegal or unsafe Products, including prescription-only items.


  • Ensure your Products do not cause harm or damage.
  • Provide necessary documentation and after-sales services.
  • Package Products appropriately and adhere to labeling requirements.
  • Identify responsible parties for shipping costs.
  • Follow guidelines for order cancellations.
  • Include order-specific packing slips.
  • Clearly identify yourself as the Seller of each Product.


  • Products are subject to return and refund within 14 working days from the date of customer delivery, except for custom-made Products, which are eligible for return/exchange only in cases of seller fault, factory damage, or transit damage.
  • HeraCloset’s customer support will facilitate returns, with a full refund to the customer if conditions are met.
  • Products must be returned in their original packaging and condition.
  • Seller must accept returns unless not based on a breach of Seller’s obligations.

10. DELIVERY ERRORS AND NON-CONFORMITIES: Seller is responsible for non-performance, non-delivery, or other mistakes, except when caused by HeraCloset’s failure to provide order information or address verification.

11. TERM AND TERMINATION: Site Terms are applicable as long as your Seller Account remains active. HeraCloset may deactivate your account with 30 days’ notice, or immediately if you violate the Site Terms. Deactivation does not affect accrued rights or liabilities.

12. PHOTOGRAPHS/IMAGES: HeraCloset will select Products for photoshoots and authorize Sellers to use these photographs/images for commercial use after 72 hours. Sellers are required to mention HeraCloset as a selling channel on other platforms when using these images.

13. FEES: Sellers are not required to pay advance fees for the Seller Account or Services. HeraCloset will charge transaction fees as agreed upon during signup and onboarding with the seller.