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Modern Kaftan Dress

The abaya kaftan has undergone a tremendous evolution from being a traditional Islamic garment to being upbeat modern. However, even in its modern form, it’s modest, feminine, and regal. This loose-fitting style ensemble blends in perfectly with contemporary styles making it perfect for events of all kinds.

Modern kaftan dress stands true to the testament of time. It is a creative display of fashion enthusiasts who took it upon themselves to make this style apt for modern times. Embellished, embroidered, printed, and solid: Modern Abaya Kaftan comes in all forms and styles for you to carry. So what are you waiting for?

The versatile silhouette of modern kaftans makes them effortless and brilliant for a feminine style. Featuring cuts, drapes, and patterns, modern kaftans are more refined than their traditional counterparts. Comfort is at the heart of kaftan fashion. Amalgamating the comfort of a loose flowy ensemble and the structure of a defined garment; kaftans are just perfect for women loving modest wear.

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Top Trends in Modern Kaftan Dresses

Kaftans are perfect for every occasion. Be it a vacation, brunch, evening cocktail, wedding, or a high-stature event. Modern kaftan brings a hint of Western influence into design while retaining the traditional modesty factor in every ensemble. They are fashionable, breathable, and comfortable- all you need for your relaxed capsule wardrobe.

Want to look modern with kaftan dresses? Look out for trendy picks when sourcing your modern kaftan. The kaftans in vibrant prints and patterns are extremely popular these days. The geometric and abstract prints make perfect accompaniment on a casual day while tribal-inspired prints are making a noise in the fashion world too.

Kaftans in sheer lightweight fabrics are quite a trend. Minimalism is at the heart of fashion. Look out for modern kaftans featuring delicate embroidery and luxury sheer fabric. For added drama, experiment with maxi-length kaftans.

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Styling Tips For Modern Kaftan Dress

Kaftans are effortless. However, no fashion element can make you trendy if an element of style is missing. Always style your kaftan for the occasion by making the right pick of accessories, footwear, jewelry, and statement pieces.

Here is how you style your modern kaftan for an elegant look.

  • Pick the right kaftan for the occasion. Modern kaftan comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to suit different moods. For casual wear, go for something neutral, light, and playful. For a wedding or festivity, go for luxury fabrics and kaftans that feature embroidery or embellishment. The idea is to pick the kaftan dress that suits the occasion.
  • Accessorizing with jewelry can never go wrong. Not accessorizing can. So pick appropriate jewelry for your kaftan dress. Don’t add too many statement pieces to your outfit at once. Let earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets; one from these be edgy. Keep the other aspects minimum. Adding a bling of diamonds can never go wrong to your modern kaftans meant for weddings and festivities. Similarly, copper-plated or statement funk jewelry works well with casual kaftans.
  • Experiment with different footwear to see what pairs well. Casual everyday kaftans can be paired with flats and sandals while for weddings, you can pick heels or embellished footwear to create an element.
  • Add a cinch to your waist. Add a statement belt to your casual kaftans and make a prominent style statement.

Kaftans are playful. Be experimental with your style and wear that confidence high.

Things to Consider before buying Modern Kaftan Dress Online

Kaftans are meant for every body type. However, this stands true only if the kaftan is picked in the right size and pattern. Finding a modern kaftan that suits your taste, style, and needs in a local store can get challenging. However, why settle for less when you can find premium fashionable kaftans at Hera Closet online.

Shopping online gets really fun when you know the right place. If you are shopping for modern kaftan dresses online, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Find the right size that suits your body silhouette.
  • Refer to the sizing guideline offered on the website before placing an order. A brand must have sizing guidelines for each outfit. This makes it easier for people to determine the right size for that pattern.
  • Always understand the fabric constitution. Don't rely on the image alone. Know if the fabric suits you and your body type or not.
  • Look out for return and exchange policies. This shall make purchasing online much easier.
  • Always look for fabric care instructions. Know if the garment will suit your care type.
  • Check out testimonials. This will give you a better insight into the size, colors, brand fabrics, and much more.
  • Choose a trusted online platform like Hera Closet.


  • 1. What materials are modern kaftans made of?

    • Kaftans can be made from chiffon, crepe, silk, cotton, georgette, and any lightweight fabric that offers a slight flow.
  • 2. Are modern kaftans suitable for all body types?

    • Yes. Modern kaftans come in a variety of patterns. Once a person is aware of their body shape, they can choose a kaftan style that suits them.
  • 3. How to pick the right modern kaftans depending on the occasion?

    • To pick the right kaftan, always pick a perfect match for fabric, color, embroidery, and pattern suited for the occasion. Silk, crepe, and satin make an exceptional choice in wedding wear. However, cotton, linen, crepe, and georgette would look amazing in casual wear.


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