How to Choose Abaya Styles as per Your Body Type?

abaya blogs large How to Choose Abaya Styles as per Your Body Type?

Abayas are traditional Islamic wear worn by Muslim women to cover their entire bodies. However, choosing the right style of Abaya for your body type can be daunting. There are many different Abayas styles available, and choosing one that flatters your body shape and enhances your beauty is important.

Here are some tips to help you choose Abaya styles that are perfect for your body type:

Pear-shaped body types

For pear-shaped body types, the best abaya style would be one that adds volume to the upper body and helps to balance proportions. This could be achieved through an A-line cut with plenty of volumes in the kimono-style sleeves.

For added effect, details such as pleats and ruffles could be incorporated into the design. Pear-shaped body types should also opt for abayas with bold patterns and prints that draw attention away from their lower body.

Apple-shaped body types

Apple-shaped body types should opt for abayas that create structure and elongate the figure. Try a belted style to cinch in the waist and enhance the shape of your bust. Structured collared abayas can also create a flattering look by drawing attention to the shoulders and face.

Other good options include angular designs with pleats and side flare; these will draw focus away from the midsection and enhance your curves. Asymmetrical cutouts are another stylish option emphasizing the neckline and shoulder area.

Hourglass body types

Those with hourglass figures should look for abayas that emphasize their midsection. Choose styles with cutouts along the waist to create a cinched look, or look for an abaya with detailing at the waistline.

High-waisted skirts and dresses can also be beneficial as they help to draw attention to your slim waist and accentuate your curves. For larger bust sizes, look for abayas with V-necklines and modestly decorative necklines that won’t overpower your figure.

Petite body types

Petite body types don’t need to avoid dramatic or statement-making pieces. Abayas with longer lengths or bold patterns are perfect for adding drama without overpowering your frame.

Belted styles can also help create the illusion of curves, while high-waisted styles and abayas with ruching will help you achieve the desired silhouette. For petite women, the key is to choose abayas that are not too voluminous; this will enable you to show off your curves without overwhelming your frame.

Tall body types

Tall body types can easily and elegantly pull off a wide range of abaya styles. For a sophisticated look, tall women can opt for floor-length abayas in solid colors like black, navy blue, or maroon.

These classic looks are timeless and perfect for any occasion. A-line abayas also look great on tall women since they provide more room at the bottom and give the illusion of a longer frame. Full-sleeved abayas with intricate detailing along the neckline, such as beaded embroidery or tassels, can instantly add style to any outfit.

Athletic body types

Athletic body types can take full advantage of their athletic physique by selecting an abaya that emphasizes and defines their curves and shape. Opt for body-hugging pieces with horizontal stripes that define your form; loose-fitting styles may require belts or accessories to emphasize waistlines and add structure; if you want something other than traditional black, try mixing prints and fabrics in monochromatic tones to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance that emphasizes your figure.

Plus-size body types

Plus-size body types should opt for abaya styles that flatter their curves. Flowy maxi dresses with empire waistlines and A-line silhouettes can be very flattering. Loose-fitting shift dresses with three-quarter sleeves are also great options, as they provide coverage while showing off curves stylishly.

If you want to show off your arms, choose an abaya dress with long sleeves and side slits that ends just above the knee. You can also accentuate your shape by adding a belt or cinching the waist of your abaya with some fabric ties.

Final words

With so many Abaya styles, finding your ideal look can be challenging. Understanding your body shape is key when selecting an Abaya that flatters it – choosing an appropriate style makes a significant difference in looking and feeling beautiful!

Apple-shaped body types should opt for loose-fitting Abayas with light fabric that won’t cling or define their curves, while pear-shaped individuals should try an A-line cut Abaya that flares out at the bottom to and help balance proportions. Rectangle body types can opt for batwing sleeves or draped fabric designs, which add curves to accentuate the waist and add curves to the figure.

Women looking for the ideal Abaya can easily find one to enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence and comfort. Take time to assess your body shape and find one that perfectly encapsulates it!


What are some popular abaya styles?

  • Some popular abaya styles include classic abayas, embellished abayas, embroideredabayas, and prayerabayas.

How can I choose an abaya style that flatters my body shape?

  • To choose an abaya style that flatters your body shape, consider your proportions and look for styles that create a balanced silhouette. For example, if you have a pear-shaped body, opt for an abaya with a fitted top and a flared skirt to draw attention to your waist and balance your hips.


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