Tips for Choosing the Right Kaftan Dress for Your body type

kaftan large Tips for Choosing the Right Kaftan Dress for Your body type

Kaftan Shopping: Pick a Kaftan Dress For Your Body Shape

The breezy and versatile style of Kaftans smitten everyone with their endearing charm. After all, who wouldn’t love an effortless, attractive style that’s bold yet decent? When it comes to Kaftan, the notion of one size fits all is considered apt, but is that true? We think not. Everybody is made differently, and styling for your body shape is one brilliant way to elevate your style quotient.
This blog will act as a guide to help you pick the best kaftan styles and designs for your body type. So let’s get started.

Kaftans For Pear Shaped Figurines

Women with pear-shaped figures have narrower shoulders. However, their lower bodies are heavier, giving their body the illusion of a pear shape.
Women with pear-shaped figures should focus on patterns that are more delicate and detailed in the bust section. Don’t fear embroidery or embellishments. They would be the best accompaniment for your kaftan styles. Go for kaftan styles that feature wide shoulders and wide sleeves. These design elements will add balance to the body by accentuating delicate features.
Avoid fabrics that shall cling to the body. Light fabrics like soft silk fall effortlessly over the body and give away a royal appeal. Full-length kaftans are the best pick for women with pear-shaped figures.

Kaftan For Rectangle Shaped Figurines

These are the women with an athletic build. They have straight shoulders and proportionate hips with a non-defined waist. Women with such figures can rock any kaftan style with utmost ease.
Lookout for Kaftans with cinches to add an illusion of a slimmer and defined waist. Go for brighter colours and prints, and don’t forget to have fun with patterns. Pick soft and fluid fabrics for an elegant put-together style. Sheer fabric kaftans and cotton could also be your best pick for summer.

Kaftan For Apple Shaped Figurines

Overall, heavier on the bust and stomach side, women with an apple shape should pick styles that take away the attention from a heavier bust. Straight-fit kaftans in soft, flowy fabrics are your best friends. If you have heavier arms, go for full-sleeved kaftans to offer an illusion of long, toned hands. Avoid embroidery and embellishments that can draw more attention to the upper body. Instead, combine prints and colours to help camouflage the bulge and create a balance.

Kaftan For Hourglass Figurines

Blessed with Goddess Figure, women in hourglass shape can ace almost any kaftan style. Make sure that you pick the styles that fit well. Oversized isn’t your best companion. Go for a cinch at the waist; it will add beautiful feminine flair to your curves. Pick styles with neckline embroidery and a detailed waist. Soft, bright, neutral, bold, or decent; pick the colour palette that compliments your skin tone and flaunt the kaftan style like it’s crafted solely for you.
Women’s bodies are diverse and can’t fit into a few categories. There are various body shapes out there. Celebrate the body shape you live in and pick the styles that compliment your fashion sense.

Styling Tips: Flaunt Your Kaftan In Your Effortless Style

Kaftan fashion is diverse, and trust us; there is a kaftan style made inherently for you out there. Here are a few styling tips as well as shopping tips for when you go hunting for a kaftan. 

  • Choose premium fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, or even Linen and cotton, for instance, depending on the occasion you want to wear your Kaftan. 
  • Add definition to your kaftan outfits with waist belts. Get onboard with complementing or contrasting styles, picking the mood that reflects your style. 
  • Pair your straight kaftans with open-toed flats. The voluminous and defined kaftans should be paired with feminine flair wedges or blingy heels. 
  • Pick the colors and patterns that complement your body shape and color. Make a hit pick if you are looking for elegant wedding picks, pastels, and bold and neutral-coloured embellished kaftans. However, for vacations and day-tripping, loosely fitted bright printed kaftans make a brilliant choice. Pick from a range of modern, embroidered, casual and Moroccan kaftan at Hera Closet. 
  • Always choose a kaftan that falls freely on the body. Tight-fitting kaftans are a big no as it takes away the allure of effortless elegant style from the garment.
  • Always accessorize your kaftans with delicate statement pieces to complete your look. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you afraid of adding kaftans to your style? Head over to Hera Closet and find the widest collection of designer kaftans curated for different body types. Our collection is perfectly suited for occasions of all needs keeping modest fashion at the top of our priority. 


1. What body type is Kaftan for?

Kaftan is a versatile fashion that suits all body types. However, one needs to understand their body shape and pick the best styles that compliment that shape to get the best out of the kaftan style. Hourglass and Pear shaped women can rock kaftan styles quite effortlessly.

2. Where can I find modest designer kaftans?

Hera Closet is a perfect place to find a high-quality, stylish, trendy designer kaftan collection for women who prefer modest fashion.

3. Can Kaftans be worn at weddings?

You can. Embroidered and embellished kaftans in fluid premium fabrics look elegant and make a perfect choice for weddings.

4. What is the ideal length of a Kaftan?

The market is flooded with Kaftan options. However, if you are looking for modest kaftan options, pick a length that falls just above your ankle.


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