What’s in? Hottest trends by the leading Abaya brands in the UAE

AYM DESIGN What's in? Hottest trends by the leading Abaya brands in the UAE

The UAE is home to countless homegrown Abaya labels and international designers who continue to inspire women with trendy statements and timeless classics. Emirati women get to rejoice in an extensive range of variety, including affordable Abayas, high-end luxe brands, and opulent luxury designer offerings.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the most popular luxury and casual abaya trends in the UAE.

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Day-to-night Abayas

Want to make smooth day-to-night style transitions with exquisitely tailored abaya designs? These minimalist and intricate designs exude comfort and effortless elegance that can be carried anywhere and everywhere, be it a daytime luncheon or an evening with friends.

Senso Abaya, a Dubai-based brand, is the go-to choice for high-quality fabrics and trendy day-to-night abaya designs. It offers competitive prices and attractive discounts that make shopping all the more enjoyable!

For those who wish to shop till they drop without breaking the bank, Moistreet & Bousni offers a delightful variety of affordable abaya designs. Whether you’re shopping for everyday wear or special occasions, Moistreet never fails to disappoint with its competitive prices and elaborate collections.

Abaya Outfit

The abaya outfit is super-functional and charismatic. It contains an inner slip dress and a beautifully layered abaya. This is an outfit that you can wear to work for a sharply structured statement, or even to fancy luncheons and dinner engagements.

You can shop the abaya outfit from Be-design, by Emarati designer Nora Al Amry, who specializes in this intricate designing technique. Be Design specializes in high-end luxury and professional abayas designed for women who seek to revel in their feminity and elegance.

AYM is Abu Dhabi-based Abaya label by Arawa Al muflahi is a dynamic brand that encourages women to stand up and lead from the front with alluring styles and beautifully coloured abaya designs.

Embellished Abayas

The ideal pick for the lady who wants to beautify her abaya with intricate embellishments, vibrant floral motifs, and traditional embroidery techniques. Embellished abayas come in a wide array of varieties, such as crystal-studded embroideries, colourful motifs, cubic zirconia artwork, and much more. Posh Abaya, a leading UAE-based fashion label, offers an alluring variety of embellished and embroidered abayas.  

Linen Abayas

A highly versatile investment that will keep you chic and comfortable throughout the year; linen Abayas are all the rage in the UAE. They come in a wide variety of designs, embellished and simplistic, and you can shop this fabric in multiple variations.

We strongly recommend you to explore the collections by Folak Couture as Emarati designer, Fatima Al Mosa, has risen to popularity for her impressive linen designs. And Ylada The Label by Yalda Ziaee who specializes in linen batwing Abaya style and Bisht designs  If you want to feel ravishing and special, these are the brands you need to shop with!

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