Winter Abaya inspirations

Main Image Winter Abaya inspirations

Winter Abaya inspirations:

The beauty of the Abaya lies in the fact that you can wear one every season. There used to be a time when Abayas were designed as huge black robes. Well, times have changed and things have modernized for good. Nowadays, Abaya fashion is modern, modest, and trendy.

As Abaya addicts, we believe that winters are the best time to wear an Abaya, you get so many trendy fabrics such as Denim and linen to play with. Here are some Winter Abaya and Kaftan Design inspirations that you can flaunt and impress your friends with.

White Swan Abaya with Pearl:

Let’s start with a bit of versatility; this White Swan Abaya’s innovative design can be paired with a trouser, skinny jeans as well as a palazzo. Designed with winter-friendly fabrics – silk and linen, this is our topmost pick for winters. Flaunting a minimalistic design with pearl detailing, you will have a grand time exhibiting this winter-style Abaya. You can comfortably pair this with your favorite jeans and show off your casual winter style.

Jacket Kaftan:

Kaftans are one of the most intriguing types of an Abaya. One of the best benefits of a Kaftan is the fact that it suits all body types. Our jacket, Kaftan, with its three-piece style, is a massive hit for winters. This nude layering Kaftan comes with a jacket, matching pants as well as a plain sleeveless topcoat. The wide belt with rustic buttons adds a very chic touch to the whole Kaftan. This Kaftan Abaya is specially designed in layers to sustain the cold breeze of winter.

BED BE ELEGANT010 ONLY Beige1 Winter Abaya inspirations
BED BE ELEGANT 011 Peach 1 Winter Abaya inspirations

Coat Abaya Dubai:

Winter is the perfect time to wear long Kaftan, and this design is so beautiful that you will even love to wear it in all seasons. When it comes to fancy Abayas, none can beat this long dress kaftan. Paired with a loose cotton dress and a cotton trench-style coat, this designer Abaya will keep you warm while you take a stroll out on a cold evening.


Overcoat Style Abaya:

Do you know what dressing to impress is? It’s this four-piece coat-style Abaya. Take about turning heads; this Abaya is that and much more. Black is the evergreen color for all seasons, and with white detailing, this Abaya is your new chic modest trend. Become the talk of your friends’ circle with this exotic and aesthetic look.

BED BE ELEGANT 06 BLACK 4 Winter Abaya inspirations


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